Susan Post: Color Balance

exhibition dates: January 31 - February 25, 2012

reception: Thursday, February 2, 6 - 8 pm


Susan Post finds ways for paint to “behave”, in paintings where simultaneous contrast and ambiguous space create surfaces both flat and deep. The work in “Color Balance” derives from a single composition called Seven Lines – a 2008 pencil drawing of stripes of contrasting values set perpendicularly against a third value. In 2010 a fourth color arrived and in 2011 it stuck around, affording ample complexity for Post’s idiosyncratic study of the interactions of color and edge. The composition dictates that an equal amount of each color is distributed, so that any perceived imbalance is purely a function of the colors, their relative values, and the way that they butt up against one another. Each patch or strip of color in these paintings acts as part of two of the four distinct vertical or horizontal structural elements, and every part of the painting hovers between figure and ground. In 2007, Susan Post earned her MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she was a member of their inaugural class in residence at The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. Post’s work has been featured on the cover of Carnegie Hall’s Playbill, and has shown at OK Harris Gallery and The Painting Center in New York City, and at the Woman’s Museum in Dallas. She has exhibited at the Barbara Krakow Gallery, The Kingston Gallery and Samson Projects in Boston, and is represented on Cape Cod by The Schoolhouse Gallery in Provincetown. Post lives and works outside Boston.