Susan Post

PINK ONE oil on linen 22" x 28" 2016

METAMORPHIC oil on linen 22" x 28" 2016

For over five years much of Susan Post's work has been based on an irregular grid or weave, a "plaid" composed of three or four colors and two different sizes of bounded area. Each patch or strip of color serves as part of two distinct vertical or horizontal structural elements, and every part hovers between figure and ground. Over time, that grid was placed in a field rather than filling the entire surface, and it began to act more like a noun than a verb. In parallel to this body of work, more overt landscape is re-emerging as content. More recently still, the encumbrance of rules and expectation is thrown off so that the work can grow wild. Post has a studio near her home outside of Boston, is a graduate of Princeton University and holds an MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

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