Rella Stuart-Hunt: New Work

exhibition dates: April 24 - May 19, 2012

reception: April 26, 6 - 8 pm

FIRST THIS 2012 84x66 OoC.jpg
D 14 2012 38X50.jpg

Despite the endless looking, adjusting and readjusting of paint-stroke or color in one's work; when it is finished, taken out of the studio and hung on the walls of a clean white gallery, one will, with a fresh eye, often notice aspects of a shape, an edge or a juxtaposition of two elements, that compels one to make new work. It is with this sense of inquiry, of unanswered questions, and curiosity that Rella Stuart-Hunt continues to paint. Having looked at painting avidly since the 60's in London and in New York, and having watched the evolution of ideas about color in painting in particular be articulated in myriad ways, she is relentless in her own pursuit to discover more about it as she works, bearing in mind as she does so, its long and fascinating history. These paintings, vertically hung rectangles varying in size from 16" x 12" to 5' x 4' consist of simple bands and alternating minor sections or arcs that play with hue, value, and chromaticity as well as with edges that go in and out of focus with time and sustained viewing.