Katharine Dufault

British born Katharine Dufault is a New York Times-reviewed artist and curator. She graduated with honors from Columbia University, with a degree in painting and literature after studying visual arts, graphic design and photography at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, England. Dufault regularly exhibits her work which is included in many corporate and private collections.
As a mutli-media artist, Dufault’s practice includes working in oils, encaustic paint, watercolor and printmaking. Each medium imposes its own set of limitations which challenge and excite her practice. The recent work moves towards a freer composition, away from the didactic horizon line of her earlier landscape paintings. She has created a new cubist vocabulary with discrete areas of rich opaque color  juxtaposed with loosely painted areas of transparent color. The work has come away from the edges of the canvas and its contours are framed by neutral or deep color. “I want the work to attract the viewer with beauty and simultaneously prompt curiosity. I attempt a modern rendering of the ancient form.”

http://katharinedufault.com/ @katdufault

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